Basic Plastics

This page is an introduction to learn more about plastic people. ?
Classification and characteristics of the definition and history of the plastic from forming method to learn the fundamentals of plastic.

What is plastic?

 1-1.Definition of plastic
 1-2.History of plastic
 1-3.Salient features of plastic

Classification of plastics

 2-1. Thermo-plastics and thermosetting plastics
 2-2. General purpose plastics and engineering plastics
 2-3. Crystalline plastics and non-crystalline plastics

Plastic molding method

 3-1. Compressive molding
 3-2. Transfer molding
 3-3. Laminate molding
 3-4. Injection molding
 3-5. Extrusion molding
 3-6. Blow molding

Overview of the qualities of plastic

 4-1. Thermosetting plastic
 4-2. Thermo-plastics

Method of evaluating the properties of plastic

 5-1. Physical properties
 5-2. Optical properties
 5-3. Thermal properties
 5-4. Electrical properties
 5-5. Mechanical properties

Standards, laws and regulations

 6-1. UL standard

Precautions for use