Standards, laws and regulations

6-1.UL standard

UL is the US based institution and standard that undertakes for insurance companies (Underwrites), the product safety tests designed at public level in order to avoid electrical and fire disasters. Basic objective of the product safety tests is to eliminate the root causes that may cause accident, provide safety mechanisms, prevent disasters and fire in the event of accident. In the approval criteria, there are separate approval criteria for raw material and semi-finished goods that can not be considered parts or finished goods. By complying with this criteria, test items required for parts and finished goods can be omitted. In the UL standard, the following five items are closely related to plastics.
  1. UL94 Combustibleness test of plastic materials
  2. UL746A Standard of short term physical properties evaluation of plastic materials
  3. UL746B Standard of long term physical properties evaluation of plastic materials
  4. UL746C Standard of evaluation of plastic materials for their application in electric devices
  5. UL746D Standard for parts assembled (molder program) from plastic materials