Polytetrafluoroethylene resin / Two width nut

Two width nut

Part number


Continuous use temperature 260°C/500°F
Flammability UL94 V- 0 Equivalent


受注品です。(納期2~3週間) 10個単位でも販売いたします。
It is a made by order only. (Delivery: 2-3 weeks) We even sell in the units of 10.
Please contact us to check the status of inventory.

Torsional rupture torque


Tensile rupture force

  • Values in the table are for reference purpose only, and they are not guaranteed values.
  • Please use torque driver or torque wrench for fastening. Recommended fastening torque is 50% of the torsional rupture torque.
  • Since heat resistance and chemical resistance change based on usage conditions, please test under actual usage conditions beforehand.
  • Discoloration may occur depending on lot and various conditions.
  • Sizes, shapes and manufacturers of raw materials may change without notice.
  • Washer may scrape a little bit.

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